MSS-ICTS-20-001-GIS Specialist

Job Description

Develops and customizes basic GIS and T.R.I.M.S. data to include input, updating, modifying, manipulating and report writing. Provides technical and analytical support to address issues such as environmental management, landownership and titles, roadway planning, utilities and asset management and demographics. Uses various computer programs gathers, processes, converts and maintains geographic data for transportation planning and civil engineering/construction applications. Candidate should also maintain the GIS database and associated metadata


  • Manipulates and analyses data such as geographic and land information source maps, survey data for transportation planning and civil engineering applications.
  • Links spatial data for land administration.
  • Develops and customizes geo-processing programs and tools used in geographic information systems.
  • Prepares edits and revises cartographic output for preparation, reproduction and publication of maps.
  • Maintains GIS databases and associated metadata.
  • Undertake systems analysis for integration of GIS with corporate business data and applications, including client consultation, modelling of GIS databases, evaluation of technical and end user requirements.
  • Design, develop, implement, and enhance GIS applications including data transformation, automation, validation and quality control, map generation, spatial analysis, and systems integration processes.
  • Participate in the design, development, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and enforcement of policies, standards, guidelines and procedures with respect to geo-spatial data maintenance and linkages to corporate business data and applications.
  • Provide advanced spatial and statistical analysis and transformation to support business unit operations and service delivery planning.

Skills + Experience

15+ years experience in Road and Infrastruture consultancies across UAE