MSS-QAQCHSE-20-001-QA/ QC HSE Engineer

Job Description

responsible to ensure that the Quality Assurance, Quality Control ,Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) procedures are established, implemented and maintained in  projects


To Manage the application of quality management

- Introduce Quality awareness through the project

- Maintain the Quality Plan throughout the project

- Oversea contractor implementation of the quality program

- Assign staff to the appropriate parts of the project

- Review contractors plans, procedures and processes.

- Overall responsibility for QA/QC activities for the projects

- Prepare the verification strategy and assurance plans

- Make sure all staff are capable of performing to the correct level

- Provide oversight on inspection and testing at manufacturer's facilities

- Review QC plans and make sure plans are in place for all suppliers, vendors and subcontractors

- Implement site QC plans

- Maintain HSE standards

- Make sure all contractors & Sub contractors are updated with QA/QC documentation

Skills + Experience

15+ years experience in Road and Infrastruture consultancies across UAE