SSS-TE-20-001-Traffic Engineer / Project Manager

Job Description

Managing all concerns and programmatic functions of the traffic engineering and traffic operations in the Traffic Management Center (TMC).
Conducting traffic observation at the TMC and field for the improvement of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Traffic Signals Operations.
Perform traffic operations analysis, traffic studies, prepare reports on traffic systems operations and provide recommendation.
Directing the work activities and managing all concerns of the traffic system operations services.
Prepare operations report, KPI report and proposals to the client.
Coordination and meeting with client, consultant and stakeholders.
Evaluate performance of project team members, and manage all the operation staff.
Follow-up all project aspects related to project management, work orders, invoices and payments.


Must have experience on traffic studies using Vissim, Synchro, SIDRA and HCS7, and another traffic-related design and analysis software
Expert in Microsoft Office software.
Have an experience of traffic signal, TVR, CCTV design and traffic signal controllers operation including modification and creation of signal adaptive and vehicle actuated timing plans.
Comfortable client facing and able to communicate and influence effectively in spoken and written English.
Able to win client confidence and develop effective client relationships.
Expert in all ITS systems, including UTMC, journey time measurement, VMS, CCTV, and all other Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) operation concepts.
Must be able to update and modify the designed / implemented Urban Traffic Response Plan of the installed ITS system based on the traffic studies and analysis outputs.
Must have Project Management skills and be qualified and expert on project implementation and have a very good skills to manage a team and execute the assigned scope of work as per the End-user specifications and regulations.
Ability to manage the project resources for 24/7 operation aspects.
Proven ability to learn new skills and understand complex technical projects rapidly.
Excellent problem solving skills and able to develop new and innovative ideas.
Strong awareness of Health and Safety issues.
Able to work as part of a team
Willing to work in Al Ain City – UAE

Skills + Experience

1. Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (10 years total experience and 6 years relevant experience) OR
2. Master's Degree in Engineering (8 years of total experience and 4 years relevant experience).