SSS-FOI-20-001-Sr. Traffic Operator

Job Description

Field inspection and operation of traffic systems or associated equipment.
Coordination with control room and activation of appropriate response to detected traffic congestion/incident, such as manual control / stage holds etc.
Implementing supply data, signal timing plan to traffic signal controllers.
Assist in deployment of portable traffic equipment such PVMS / PRTMS and implementing change configuration.


Knowledge of ITS systems, PVMS, CCTV, PRTMS Traffic Count Stations and all other Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
• Comfortable client facing and able to communicate and influence effectively in spoken and written English.
• Proven ability to learn new skills and understand system and client requirement.
• Awareness of Health and Safety issues.
• Willing to work in Al Ain

Skills + Experience

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (10 years total experience and 6 years relevant experience) OR
2. Master's Degree in Engineering (8 years total experience and 4 years relevant experience).