Job Description

• Ability to monitor and maintain Variable Message Sign System and all related sub-systems.
• Ensure that all the sub-systems are functional and connected to field devices to provide real traveler information. In addition, off, the full responsibility to maintain system workstations and servers.
• Conducting traffic observation at the TMC and field for the improvement of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Traffic Signals Operations.
• Morning shift presence and remain on call for critical failures.
• Directing the work activities and managing all concerns of the traffic system operations services.
• Prepare operations report, KPI report and proposals to the client.
• Coordination and meeting with client, consultant, and stakeholders.
• Evaluate the performance of project team members and manage all the operation staff.
• Follow-up all project aspects related to project management, work orders, invoices and payments.


• Expert in all ITS systems, including UTMC, journey time measurement, VMS, CCTV, and all other Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) operation concepts.
• Must have Project Management skills and be qualified and expert on project implementation and have a very good skills to manage a team and execute the assigned scope of work as per the End-user specifications and regulations.
Ability to manage the project resources for 24/7 operation aspects

Skills + Experience

Bachelor’s degree in electronic/ Communication engineering or equivalent 7 years’ Experience



experience in: Traffic Management Systems