Smart Awareness

Smart Awareness

Smart Awareness




Abu Dhabi


The objective of this system is to increase the traffic safety awareness in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through several communication channels. The system aimed to provide two-way communication channel between drivers and traffic department targeting specific segment of drivers based on demographic and spatial analysis through the communication channels.

Main Scope

  • Smart CRM system for Awareness Campaign in the back office
  • Road Users Mobile App
  • Define Demographic Characteristics For Violators
  • Design the Awareness Campaign & Publish It
  • Dynamic Target Groups (Age , Nationality, Gender, etc.)
  • SMS & Email Campaigns, Push Notifications
  • Approval workflow
  • Statistics of Campaigns, Pre-defined Campaigns
  • Integration With Social media
  • User friendly UI on Arabic and English
  • GIS based (map is a central point of the app)