TATWEER Smart Patrol

TATWEER Smart Patrol

TATWEER Smart Patrol




Abu Dhabi


Tatweer Smart Patrol System (TSP) is an integrated solution customized to assist and enhance surveillance, law enforcement and crime prevention efforts. TSP system is integrated with top-notch Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, Seatbelt violation and Distracted driver detection, 360 degrees surveillance, Facial recognition, Speed detection, Innovative mobile App and web application which together, build the complete ecosystem. TSP
is integration-ready with existing systems and can be easily customized, and
expanded with additional features/modules.

In-Vehicle System

A comprehensive structure of cutting-edge sub-systems available to the officers in the patrols through a feature-rich touchscreen interface. The system provides various functionalities including:

  • Speed Enforcement:360 Laser beams used for detecting, classifying, and tracking vehicles around the patrol.
  • Facial Recognition: Real-time, high-accuracy, simultaneous multiple face detection & recognition to identify wanted person near the patrols.
  • Emergency Event System: Monitor and record all emergency events through an in-vehicle system once a Panic State is activated by turning on the lightbar or by pressing the emergency button.
  • Mobile ANPR:Accurate readings for up to 5 concurrent lanes in various light conditions (Day & Night). the system uses the ANPR data to identify flagged vehicles and truck permissions and expired license plates. The OCR engine supports a wide range of international plate numbers (eg: Arabic numeric).
  • Health Check & Audit Logs: Monitor the status of the system components. Monitor all officers’ activities and actions on the generated alerts and violations through both the command and control system and the in-vehicle system.
  • 360-degree Video and Audio Surveillance: Ultra-wide-angle surveillance up to 360 degrees around the patrols with full HD of live streaming and recording with playback features.
  • Seatbelt violation and Distracted driver detection:A high-resolution camera that accurately detects drivers
    with no seat belts or distracted drivers (e.g. Drivers using Mobile Phones) using state-of-the-art deep neural network architectures for action spotting and sequence classification
  • Violation and Alerts Records Management: All violations and alerts are automatically detected from the cameras or the system in the patrol and it will be reflected in the real-time dashboard
  • Suspected vehicle: Law Enforcement Officer, through the In-Vehicle the system can add/mark a vehicle as a Suspected one and request in the central office system to consider that particular vehicle as a Wanted vehicle based on its record or actions.
  • Live Tracking: Live GIS-based visualization of patrol location available in the in-vehicle system,and live locations will be sent to the Command and Control Application.
  • Realtime Dashboard: Comprehensive dashboard with real-time information from Alerts, Violations, Command and control system messages and system health status.
  • Multi-User Access: Multi officers can access the In-Vehicle System session at the same time with the option to select the primary officer on the patrol. All actions on the alerts and violations will be logged for that primary officer user.


Main Scope

  • Central Dashboard
  • Patrol’s KPIs Monitoring and Control
  • Access to Issued Violations with GIS-based heatmaps
  • Comprehensive Search with various filters and sorting features
  • Data and video archives with search capabilities
  • Real-Time Insights into Patrol’s Activities
  • In-Vehicle Health Check and Monitoring
  • Instant Alerts from vehicle System
  • Audit Trails Records and Logs
  • Broadcast Messaging to in-vehicle System
  • Integration-Ready with legacy systems