Smart Vehicle Impounding System

Smart Vehicle Impounding System

Smart Vehicle Impounding System




Abu Dhabi


The project intends to implement a state of the art system for the improved management and impounding of vehicles for the growing violators vehicles in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.  The project aims to implement an integrated smart system for impounding vehicles in front of the owners ’homes, enabling project operators to remote monitoring the impounded vehicles , improving efficiency and effectiveness, raising the level of satisfaction to the public and overcoming operational and commercial challenges facing vehicle impounding yards management and monitoring, management and operation of all vehicles booked in front of homes to ensure Implementing traffic enforcement procedures


The vision of the project to provide a flexible alternative solution for customers to park their car at a location of their choice instead of ADP Police vehicle impound yards, Reduce overcrowding of  Vehicle impound Yards and o reduce risks associated in safeguarding vehicles in Police Yards. Tatweer are managing, issuance, collection, storing and installation of Vehicle impound device in customers vehicle at four ADP customer service centers located in  Abu Dhabi (2 Nos.), Alain (1 No.) and Al Dhafra ( 1No.)


Main Scope

The project scope consist of the following:

  • Management and monitoring software
  • Core infrastructure including servers, switches,UPS, etc.
  • Vehicle impound devices
  • Cost effective connectivity for vehicle impound devices
  • Storage cabinet for vehicle impound devices
  • Console,Technician Work bench and chairs
  • PC workstations
  • Other hardware and software