Wanted & Expired Vehicles

Wanted & Expired Vehicles

Wanted & Expired Vehicles




Abu Dhabi


The objective of this system is to identify the vehicles which has critical issues might affect the road safety, the vehicles plates is being recognized through a reliable  ANPR module installed in the gantries with high accuracy, the system is able to read all vehicle plates on the high way & integrate the extracted data with UTS in the back office then getting all wanted /expired vehicles on Realtime by showing alerts and advising operators with right SOP’s to handle that issues.

Main Scope

  • Get wanted vehicle / blacklisted / expired vehicles
  • Triggering ANPR Camera along all enforcement camera’s
  • Alert should have the details like time of reading, location of reading and plate details.
  • Show Vehicle on the map and ability to track it on real time.
  • Handle this alert with Predefined SOPs. (Standard Operating Procedure).
  • Assign nearest Patrols to the wanted vehicle
  • Search on historical data and show it on the map with date filters