Dangerous Violators

Dangerous Violators

Dangerous Violators




Abu Dhabi


The project aims to target the traffic dangerous violators by applying immediate penalty to achieve the main objective which is improving enforcement. dangerous violators are defined as drivers who perform dangerous actions that violate the traffic law and may cause serious traffic safety problems. These actions put the life of those drivers and others at risk. Hence a procedure must be followed in order to discourage these drivers to improve traffic safety.

Main Scope

  • Automatic detection of dangerous violators based on sensors.
  • Tracking and locating the wanted cars on the map.
  • Displaying Video\Image of the dangerous violations for all violation types
  • Historical Dangerous violation search and tracking playback
  • Dispatching patrol cars.
  • Applying standard operations procedures on the dangerous violators. SOP should be configurable
  • Manual insertion of a dangerous violator. Search for a car by its plate number
  • Administration screen to define the dangerous Violators Business Rules
  • Integration with central operations room to dispatch patrol car to chase dangerous violators if required